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>…sexbots will be made and they'll get better and better.


>…-Dave And many wives will be thankful    bill w



>…I don't see Hyundai getting into the sexbot business. And I don't think BD-priced sexbots would fly off the shelves. But, yeah, sexbots will be made and they'll get better and better.  -Dave 




Ja to all, but think past this please. 


As a mechanical puzzle, making a sexbot is surprisingly difficult, if it is to be worth a damn.  It has long been on my mind: how to help people who are aged and lonely.  The young and attractive can find ways to fill their needs (even if at great expense and risk.)  The elderly often cannot or will not, for understandable reasons.


We might be able to use listen-bots to fulfill that need more than we need sexbots.  This leads to the observation that listen-bots can be software rather than expensive… um… soft hardware?  I can see a bot that provides a warm bed partner but not really a sex partner.  Something like that wouldn’t be hard to do and might have its value.


We can do listen-bots, particularly for the elderly: they have a lot of stories.  In many cases, that’s all they have.  I have witnessed firsthand nursing home patients who have no family, no visitors, nothing.  They sit quietly and waste away.  


Alternative to software (avatar) talk-bot: a mechanical listen-bot could be a pretty simple affordable device: rides in a wheelchair, does some facial movement, has speech recognition and generation.  Something like that might help the elderly.





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