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> We can do listen-bots, particularly for the elderly: they have a lot of
> stories.  In many cases, that’s all they have.  I have witnessed firsthand
> nursing home patients who have no family, no visitors, nothing.  They sit
> quietly and waste away.
> Alternative to software (avatar) talk-bot: a mechanical listen-bot could
> be a pretty simple affordable device: rides in a wheelchair, does some
> facial movement, has speech recognition and generation.  Something like
> that might help the elderly.
Over the many times that you have talked about this,  I have considered
that these machines could well provide telepresence for family members...
my mom had assumed responsibility for care of an early friend and thanks to
covid lockdown of the facility, my mom was not allowed entry so was unable
to properly monitor supplies or laundry etc.

There are privacy issues (HIPAA as well as colloquial "privacy") but it
could be a powerful tool to make remote presence more
visceral/embodied/immersive than the current camera+mic setup we're using.

The barrier to listen-bot (which may well be alexa in a teddy ruxpin) is
that nobody will talk to it any more than they've ever talked to an
inanimate object.  I think the solution is that the device must be

This is where I know the GPT-n and some text to speach is probably "good
enough" for a viable product.   However, if this project is an excuse to
get started, the "getting to know you" bot could build a knowledgebase...
and the telepresence operator interface could navigate those topics...
imagine if the next caregiver can enter a room and continue conversation
where the last caregiver left (with AI providing fill-in conversation in
the interim)

Now abstract the caregivers to gamify the UI so the motivation is for the
player to unlock "missing" information about the subject (a subject, the
subject, w/e)  if you've ever seen gamers relentless acquisition of 100%
completion,  you know how tenacious they can be.  As a crowd-sourced
process,  the AI can mediate the actual interaction with our target human.
This hybrid approach also helps the AI escape conversational attractors
(which can be obsessions or physical distractions like pain or the weather)

I don't think this needs be only an elder-care tool.  I see it having other
applications... all the way to the onboarding of newly-revived (thawed?)
Cryonauts.  Their "elder" status might make their life context >100s years
obsolete.  In exponential curves, those years are potentially orders of
magnitude of subjective lifetimes worth of experience.  How can we bring
someone back to life if life no longer goes that far back?  Maybe this is
at the heart of our elder-neglect: mortality is nature's solution to
irrelevance.  If we aren't able to value gradnmom's experience,  how can we
expect the future to value our own?

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