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Cool thanks for the ideas Mike.


>…covid lockdown of the facility, my mom was not allowed entry so was unable to properly monitor supplies or laundry etc…


Doh!  Sorry to hear, hope it opens again soon.  Out here the isolation of the nursing home patients has no clear end in sight.


>…There are privacy issues (HIPAA as well as colloquial "privacy") but it could be a powerful tool to make remote presence more visceral/embodied/immersive than the current camera+mic setup we're using…


Ja, your idea (I think) is to use a simulated Zoom meeting where the avatar is animated but looks like a 3D meat-world person?  Or did I misunderstand what you have in mind?


Computer graphics hipsters, how close are we to having animation good enough to pass for a person on a Zoom window?


Privacy: ja I don’t know what to do there.  Good point.



>…The barrier to listen-bot (which may well be alexa in a teddy ruxpin) is that nobody will talk to it any more than they've ever talked to an inanimate object…


I disagree sir.  Plenty of us poured out our hearts to Eliza back in the 70s, knowing full well we were talking to ourselves.  This would be better than Eliza in a way: it could call on encyclopedic knowledge of the world thru the internet and it could remember stuff we told it last time.


>…I think the solution is that the device must be conversational…


Ja.  A critical design feature is that it would remember what we told it last time.  Then we start telling the same story a second time, it could decide to listen again or have it ask questions, knowing where the discussion will go.


>…This is where I know the GPT-n and some text to speach is probably "good enough" for a viable product.   However, if this project is an excuse to get started, the "getting to know you" bot could build a knowledgebase... and the telepresence operator interface could navigate those topics... imagine if the next caregiver can enter a room and continue conversation where the last caregiver left (with AI providing fill-in conversation in the interim)


A lot to digest in that one paragraph.  Consider the terabytes of inane “conversation” available on teen chat sites.  Perhaps we could set up something that would somehow mine and catalog the terabytes of inane conversation on ExI and MENSA, then feed that back to the user.  That sounds kinda cool, and certainly a good reason to archive our inane conversations here: a data source for future chatbots.


Lotsa good stuff in your post Mike, thanks.  I am the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz: I would get on this and figure it out if I only had a brain.  



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