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I think what would be good about a listen-bot, is that the conversations
could be recorded, and ultimately turned into a biography of the person.
I've always admired people and organizations who interview the elderly and
write down their life stories. I hate the idea that the individual
experiences of a person are forever lost.

A great SNL skit about the Alexa "Silver..."



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>> Ja, your idea (I think) is to use a simulated Zoom meeting where the
>> avatar is animated but looks like a 3D meat-world person?  Or did I
>> misunderstand what you have in mind?
> I actually think a Tweekie (you remember 80's Buck Rogers?) or BB8 (recent
> Star Wars) would be task-specific hardware. For my preference, a Wall-E
> with a Nintendo Switch for a chest would be sufficiently mobile to
> automatically get itself into viewing position and present whatever image.
> I wanted more of a pet style companion or wizard's familiar.  I can
> understand needing a heavier duty machine to provide lifting assistance for
> mobility. The problem with large humanoid robots is that they have
> gorilla-strength and less understanding. Even if they're engineered to be
> safer than the auto-autos, perception that T-1000 will kill us all is
> difficult to overcome.
>> Computer graphics hipsters, how close are we to having animation good
>> enough to pass for a person on a Zoom window?
> You clearly don't play enough xbox/playstation/computer games.
>> >…The barrier to listen-bot (which may well be alexa in a teddy ruxpin)
>> is that nobody will talk to it any more than they've ever talked to an
>> inanimate object…
>> I disagree sir.  Plenty of us poured out our hearts to Eliza back in the
>> 70s, knowing full well we were talking to ourselves.  This would be better
>> than Eliza in a way: it could call on encyclopedic knowledge of the world
>> thru the internet and it could remember stuff we told it last time.
> Who is "us"?  You and I are pretty happy with endless streams of text.
> "Normal" people are more fickle.  Even Eliza bored me fairly quickly.
>  That's why I like the human+AI hybrid... so people can nudge the algorithm
> when necessary and the AI can cover for us when we're inattentive.
>> >…I think the solution is that the device must be conversational…
>> Ja.  A critical design feature is that it would remember what we told it
>> last time.  Then we start telling the same story a second time, it could
>> decide to listen again or have it ask questions, knowing where the
>> discussion will go.
> This is my main focus for AI: to distill the flood of detail into
> essential facts. Unlike the unintelligible weights of a neural net, I'm
> hoping to have higher lever level abstractions "fact trees" that humans can
> manipulate (in VR) - or think of it like tieing a specific fly to fish in
> the unfathomably deep knowledge lake, the fish that you reel-in (real-in?)
> is the answer/reply to the question/query represented by that specific
> fly.  (Wordplay is fun, innit?)
>> >…This is where I know the GPT-n and some text to speach is probably
>> "good enough" for a viable product.   However, if this project is an excuse
>> to get started, the "getting to know you" bot could build a
>> knowledgebase... and the telepresence operator interface could navigate
>> those topics... imagine if the next caregiver can enter a room and continue
>> conversation where the last caregiver left (with AI providing fill-in
>> conversation in the interim)
>> A lot to digest in that one paragraph.  Consider the terabytes of inane
>> “conversation” available on teen chat sites.  Perhaps we could set up
>> something that would somehow mine and catalog the terabytes of inane
>> conversation on ExI and MENSA, then feed that back to the user.  That
>> sounds kinda cool, and certainly a good reason to archive our inane
>> conversations here: a data source for future chatbots.
> Terabytes isn't as much as it used to be. It gets smaller every day.
>>  Lotsa good stuff in your post Mike, thanks.  I am the scarecrow from
>> Wizard of Oz: I would get on this and figure it out if I only had a brain.
> How many rockets did you build entirely by yourself?  I think this project
> plan requires a team right from the start.
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