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>…I think what would be good about a listen-bot, is that the conversations could be recorded, and ultimately turned into a biography of the person. I've always admired people and organizations who interview the elderly and write down their life stories. I hate the idea that the individual experiences of a person are forever lost.


A great SNL skit about the Alexa "Silver..." 








Excellent thanks.  John I thought of you today.  As I was pondering how to proceed with this notion, I was struck by the irony that the ExI crowd would be the ones attempting such a thing.  Look us, my friends.  We are not exactly the most warm cuddly sorts.  Then I realized, Well, Johnny Grigg is.  But the rest of us, not so much really.  We are thinky types, not huggy types.


Fun aside: we had an ExI conference at Berkeley about 20 yrs ago, buncha guys came from all over.  We had a huge blowout party at my house.  My bride marveled at how normal I am compared to my own online friends.  So all these huge Extro-biggies showed up: Anders, Eliezer, Greg Burch, Max, Robert Bradbury, I was in awe of myself just for being in their presence.  She doesn’t know how godlike any of these guys are, and to this day she remembers only one of the people there.  That person is… 


John Grigg.  She thinks he is the nicest guy of all of us.  Our own Griggmeister!  So now I hafta sleep with one eye open.



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