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> >…When you say 'prole', would you not like the same protections to apply to you as well?  Might you not fall soon too?
> Of course.
> >…I get the prole term for the general proletariat but I don't get it in this situation.  Couldn't that happen to anyone?  And you as well?
> Will I am a prole.  A prole is anyone not currently employed by the government.

As commonly used 'prole' is often used in a derogatory fashion. And it
is not commonly used to mean 'anyone not currently employed by the
government.' It's commonly used to mean a worker -- whomever said
worker is employed by.

> This is the Orwellian term, not dismissive or pejorative in any way unless used
> by non-proles.  I don’t think we have any non-proles on ExI as far as I know.

If some here would Inner Party -- to continue with the analogy -- they
might not let on, no?

> I am a geezer too.  So far it is a mild case fortunately.

Well, no one's getting any younger... yet!

> Regarding the airbag coat, I have nothing against elderly non-proles.  We have a
> geezerly non-prole currently serving as POTUS and a still more geezerly one to
> be sworn in soon.  I would favor protecting them as well.

I think the deciding factor would be who needs it -- not class.


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