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My Macintosh with 200 watts per channel RMS is no dinosaur - OK, it has
some age, but it's great; far better than I can hear with two hearing aids.

Yes, I was going to ask if I could run one set of speakers from one
receiver and the other from another one.  But how do I connect the two
receivers to my CD player?  No - I have one receiver, builtin preamp and
amp, and one system with separate preamp and amp (the Mac).

The Mac has to run the Bose speakers, (circa 1970, model I) which just eats
watts.  The others can be run with the receiver. The problem is that I have
to separate the Bose so far apart that even they cannot fill the middle, so
I have four little guys and a separate woofer (builtin amp for that one).
 Thanks for all the help.   bill w

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>> No, "just try it" is unsafe. If the impedance is too low, the amplifier
>> will overheat. The safe thing to do is wire the extra speakers in series.
>> Doubling the impedance will halve the power output of the amplifier, but
>> it's completely safe.
> Is the option available to get a new amp?
> Two speakers suggests you pulled this dinosaur from a forgotten audio bin
> :)
> You can get a decent bluetooth party kit for ~ $100 (give or take, even a
> single dedicated speaker sounds better than your phone and can probably do
> 20 hours on a charge)  if you are looking for a proper audiophile sound
> experience,  still i suggest you spend on a surround sound rig that's meant
> to sound actually good.
> Unless you're just futzing will old parts for the lulz, in which case you
> should play around until you toast it and then buy new.
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