[ExI] Microsoft wants to reincarnate people as chatbots

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 22:23:28 UTC 2021

Microsoft has filed a patent which raises the intriguing possibility
of digitally reincarnating people as a chat bot.


Barry Collins  Consumer Tech    Jan 4, 2021

Instead of using the conventional method of training chat bots using
conversations and material from a wide sample of users, Microsoft’s
patent - as spotted by Ubergizmo - raises the possibility of creating
a chat bot from the output of a specific person.

The system would use “social data” such as “images, voice data, social
media posts, electronic messages [and] written letters” to build a
profile of a person.

“The social data may be used to create or modify a special index in
the theme of the specific person’s personality,” the patent states.
“The special index may be used to train a chat bot to converse and
interact in the personality of a specific person.”

The chat bot could even sound like the real person. “In some aspects,
a voice font of the specific person may be generated using recordings
and sound data related to the specific person,” the patent claims.

What’s more, “a 2D/3D model of the specific person may be generated
using images, depth information, and/or video data associated with the
specific person”.

So that's voice, image and opinions included.  It doesn't get much
more real than that.


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