[ExI] Microsoft wants to reincarnate people as chatbots

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>> So that's voice, image and opinions included.  It doesn't get much
>> more real than that.
> Even with current bleeding edge tech, it's still nothing more than a dead
> behind the eyes, cheap simulacrum.  An interesting parlor trick perhaps,
> but nothing more, unless we solve the hard problem.

It's interesting (to me at least) that I was just proposing AI to assist in
the capture or reclamation of elder memories being analogous to the
reclamation of contexts for the cryopreserved.  I later saw a software
nanny to help teens be less mean by intercepting texts and asking if the
sender intends to be a bully (93% reword their mean messages when made

This made me realize that ai-mediated exchanges can translate words to
higher dimensional objects (extended symbolsets and memeplex references)
then reduced to the receiver's words.  There's no way we will manually
invest the attention to craft sentences with sufficient nuance to be
optimally understood... but an ai interface that has trained on our every
interaction can easily annotate every sentence with personal backstory,
cultural references, and current mood.

If Microsoft is already pouring every other  tick of the clock into their
model of who is using the computer (maybe you own the hardware, but you
really only license the OS/software) then they are well positioned
interrogate your digital self.  By the time it matters whether this version
of you is good enough to answer for you, they'll already know how you feel
about it because they'll only have to ask the model.  Maybe when the model
is comfortable admitting that it is you will it be allowed to tell you how
you think and feel about it.

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