[ExI] Microsoft wants to reincarnate people as chatbots

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>…Fwiw, I've noticed people take everything I say in the worst way possible... so this disclaimer is to assure Brent that I'm razzing him as a sibling in this ExI family and not cyberbullying.  That's maybe a conversation for another thread…



Eh, Mike, humor is still allowed, even in our stressed out times.  Brent is the kind of guy who has a sensa huma.  I met him at one of the Extros, mighta been 5 in about… 2001?  San Jose?  I was not disappointed.  Brent I only wish we woulda had more time.  That was an insanely busy time for me at work, but I have fond memories of that meeting.  I need to get busy writing a memoir about while I still have you guys available.  


In any case, Mike, regarding your comment “…I've noticed people take everything I say in the worst way possible...” gave me an idea.  To verify or disprove such a notion, we need to somehow create a list of possible ways people can take everything you say.  That is a heeeeellll of a job in itself, but once we do, we can put those ways to take everything in a spreadsheet and sort from best to worst, see if people always find the way they take the stuff you say at the bottom of that list.


Once we do that, we end up with a new and interesting question: how can we know… that a particular way to take everything is really the worst possible way?


How many here were at Extro5 please?  I know some who were there for sure: Amara Graps, Anders Sandberg, Robert Bradbury, Brent, Max More, Natasha More, among others, I think Sasha Chislenko was not there, Greg Burch wasn’t, I might be wrong on both of those guys.



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