[ExI] Microsoft wants to reincarnate people as chatbots

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Microsoft wants to reincarnate people as chatbots


Hi Spike,

>…Ohhhhh thaaat!  Brilliant!


Brent you are far too kind, sir.  You are one of our guys who are that way: too kind.  Please, never change.


Regarding that never change business: that is a lotta my motivation: I am changing, not for the better, oy vey.  I still remember all my best adventures, lotsa cool stuff, but writing it all out isn’t the best way to archive it all.  Might do that as well.  But I want something I can interact with, ask it to remind me stuff like what the heck I was doing in summer of 1982 for instance.



>…Thanks to you explaining this, I just added a new entry to my bucket list: to start training such an abstract AI…


Ja, this wouldn’t really need to be an AI exactly, or not what I think of as AI.  We could do something like this using an Eliza-like program structure with some way to get to archived stories we told it.  I can see the value of having it give those back to us later.  It might be as simple as writing the stories in memoir fashion, then having it read them back.  From a programming standpoint, it wouldn’t be hard at all.


This last part is kinda important: we can do a version of this now.  We don’t really need to stretch for anything that doesn’t already exist.  Brent it was a good reminder, when you said bucket list: I really gotta get going on this.  I have some fun experiences I want to pass along.  My life has been way too much fun to let it perish without some kind of record.





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