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> I am afraid that many countries around the world - their leaders I mean -
> are going to see what is happening to our democracy/republic as a result of
> free speech.
> There have to be very few countries in the world who would have put up
> with what has been happening on social media, what with the fringes,
> conspiracy theories, antigovernment rhetoric and all the rest.  They would
> have suppressed them from the beginning.  Many would have gone to jail in
> China and some other places.  Egypt.
> If we want to keep our free speech we have to get through these challenges
> to our beloved system, flawed though it may be.  No free speech, no free
> country.

I'd be more worried about what the soon to be leaders of the US are going
to do about free speech using it as an excuse.   It's already being used a
Reichstag moment by both the powers that be and their "private" company
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