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The core belief of Protestants is Original Sin.  One of the very worst
ideas in history, but one that works well for the church.  Without it the
church has no goal.   bill w

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> > Not sure what the statistics are on relative income for atheists vs.
> > god-squad, but I'd suspect that the beneficial health effects of being
> > able to enjoy oneself without guilt may have something to do with life
> > expectancy. A common theme among religious types is not being able to
> > relax and have fun (especially in the sexual arena) without some kind of
> > psychological or social backlash. Another one is the absence of anxiety
> > about whether or not you're going to be punished for your 'sins' after
> > you die (a sentence that makes no sense whatsoever, but still has power
> > over millions of people).
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> > Ben Zaiboc
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> There's a thought - Would a civilisation 100 or 200 years from now
> punish revived cryonics people for all the 'wrong' things they did and
> said (wrong by the standards of the future society). Like our society
> is condemning the behaviour of people from earlier centuries.
> Consider how would we treat revived slave traders or soldiers who
> massacred primitive races, or people who supported human sacrifice?
> Send them to a re-education prison?
> BillK
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