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>…The core belief of Protestants is Original Sin.  




Well, partial bzzt anyway, because of the way the comment is worded: it makes it sound like the notion is a Protestant thing.  I would call that teaching a tragic carryover, toxic baggage from Catholicism.  The Christian version of it goes all the way back to St. Augustine, in the 4th century, a thousand years before there was much of anything one could call Protestant.


>…One of the very worst ideas in history, but one that works well for the church.  Without it the church has no goal.   bill w


I would agree with that comment.


Islam has a robust version of original sin as well.  Compared to these two, Protestantism generally has a kinder and gentler version of the notion.  The more progressive Protestant churches have recognized the problem and have largely done away with it.  One will not hear a rousing hellfire and brimstone sermon in a Presbyterian church.  One needs to go over to the Southern Baptists if one wishes to made to feel like a piece of revolting garbage.


A practicing Catholic friend was explaining to me how his church uses the concept.  They see to it you feel good and goddam guilty for that which you did not do.





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