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Twitter, Facebook, etc. all exist because they are used.  If people get
disgusted with them, they will get competition.  If enough are disgusted
they will ask Congress to do something to regulate that business and likely
they will.  It's a big, wide, wonderful Web  - room for all.  We do have
laws about monopolies.  People will leave Facebook by the millions if it
starts banning this and that.  They will find alternatives.  I see this as
a free market problem, which in time solves itself.   bill w

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> >> Google and Facebook are private companies and they can censor all they
> > want to, and I would not take that away from them, or even force them
> > to use disclaimers.
> >I am all for freedom too, but the biggest threat to freedom is
> concentration of power. Information monopolies, and collaboratng duopolies
> (Apple and Google for Apps) concentrate power.
> >For example, the wires and cell networks carrying Internet traffic are
> owned by private companies. If all these companies join together and say,
> "We prohibit any information about extropian ideas, transhumanism, and the
> future of technology in general." Is that OK?
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> Hi Bill, it is not OK.  It is legal.  Two different things.
> Since control of speech in our time is the domain of private business
> (only)
> we can imagine businesses that cater to specific memetic structures,
> filtering out information that would disturb the consumer's comfortable
> little safe space.  Twitter and Face Book among others are already doing
> that.
> Note: if a media company censors anything, then it endorses everything it
> leaves on there.
> spike
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