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> No one voter must count all the paper ballots.  We can have armies of volunteers doing that.  They can be double counted: a bin is counted, recorded, volunteers take that bin to another table at random, never having eyes of several volunteers taken off of that bin, counted again elsewhere, bin taken to storage with volunteer witnesses after second counting, the two results compared, if they agree, then those totals are recorded and that bin is moved to long term storage.
> This is so simple, I am really surprised no one has thought of it.  Oh wait, that’s how it was done before voting machines came along, creating dangerous doubt in the minds of the voters that the system is flawed.
> At the state level where elections are controlled, we could have a movement to true the vote.  The good guys want a true reliable election, so the good guys will embrace the notion, and there ya go: bipartisan and nearly unanimous support for truing the vote.
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The good guys do want a true reliable election, but unfortunately this
is politicians that we are dealing with. The fairest election is some
form of proportional representation where those elected are in the
same proportion as votes. This gives minority parties a share of the
representation. But it tends to lead to governments which don't have
an overwhelming majority, so many compromises have to be negotiated.
The present politicians in USA and in Britain detest this proposed
system as they much prefer to have two large political parties taking
turns at ruling. So no change is likely.


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