[ExI] Immaculate Election

Anton Sherwood bronto at pobox.com
Wed Jan 13 17:28:34 UTC 2021

On 2021-1-12 13:06, BillK via extropy-chat wrote:
> The fairest election is some
> form of proportional representation where those elected are in the
> same proportion as votes. This gives minority parties a share of the
> representation. But it tends to lead to governments which don't have
> an overwhelming majority, so many compromises have to be negotiated.
> The present politicians in USA and in Britain detest this proposed
> system as they much prefer to have two large political parties taking
> turns at ruling. So no change is likely.

A pet theory of mine: because politicians like to feel important (and/or 
like to keep political donors motivated), they hate any scheme that 
lowers the stakes.  If compromises are inevitable, voters may shrug, 
"How bad can it be?"

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