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> >…I don't think conspiracy theories are significantly linked to reality…
> Ja.  This is a good reason to work on reducing conspiracy theories.  Start
> by truing up the vote.

Are you channeling John K Clark? I get it: you want to true up the vote.

No worries, have redundancy in the human teams.  Count them until the
> numbers agree.  We will wait.  We know what is at stake.  Nearly everyone
> wants the good guys to win.  If we have a sufficiently accurate vote, the
> good guys win every time.

We could and should continue to work to prevent voting fraud. But this is
fixing a non-problem, and it feeds the kooks, who will say: see, I told you
the 2020 election was rigged! And if you get fraud down to undetectable
levels, they'll have some other explanation for how the vote was rigged.
You can't win, and trying is foolish.

> Demanding an accurate reliable vote count is a reasonable demand.

We have that now, for anyone not drinking the Kool-Ade.

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