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up the vote.


>…Are you channeling John K Clark? I get it: you want to true up the vote…


Ja, I am.  You caught me.  I’m channeling John K. Clark.  Step 2: let’s start with the most obvious confidence destroyer.  Plenty of the public realizes that voting machines can be hacked, and that we don’t need them. 




>…We could and should continue to work to prevent voting fraud…


Good.  On this we agree.


>… But this is fixing a non-problem…


Loss of confidence in the voting system is no non-problem.  It is a huge and growing problem.


>…and it feeds the kooks…


Calling those who are suspicious of our voting system kooks doesn’t help.  It makes them suspicious of you.


>…who will say: see, I told you the 2020 election was rigged!


No worries, if we increase confidence in the system, they will rejoice that it isn’t rigged now.  This is a win-win.  We want to make sure the good guys win every election.  We do that by truing up the vote.


>…And if you get fraud down to undetectable levels, they'll have some other explanation for how the vote was rigged….


But if we get the fraud level down to undetectable levels, the number of kooks will be reduced to undetectable levels.  Problem solved.


>…You can't win, and trying is foolish…


There we disagree.  Trying is critically important.


Demanding an accurate reliable vote count is a reasonable demand.


>…We have that now, for anyone not drinking the Kool-Ade.




Casting doubt upon the doubters causes them to doubt you.  Calling them gullible rubes causes them to think you are a gullible rube.  Telling them they drank the kool-ade causes the doubters to think you are drinking the kool-ade.  


We can’t get to ending division by sowing addition division, by censoring the doubters, or cancelling the platforms which host the doubters.  We get there only by increasing confidence in the election.  That is what I am proposing.  It’s very simple.





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