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 Spike, you can put a large percentage of human behavior under these three words:  sex, aggression, money.   The free love group you mentioned was basically authoritarian:  it told women what they must do with their bodies.  Know of any libertarian hippie groups?  bill w



Eh, I am too far outside my area of expertise on that one Bill.  I really couldn’t say: I know no hippie groups.  My perception is that hippie groups were generally libertarian back in the days when it was conservatives who were the authoritarians (back when we had the draft.)  


Libertarians opposed the draft and drug laws.  Now, the draft is long gone, and it is very difficult to get the military to take you (they don’t really need more people (so they are very selective (I am a firsthand witness on that (scouts hoping to get in.))))  Drug laws are either gone or going.  So now conservatives are generally not authoritarian.  Now it is the other way around, with a wild-eyed vengeance.







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