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Who is the red hat crowd?  My ex-wife joined that.  Their founder wrote a
poem that said 'When I am old I will wear purple, with a red hat.'  And so
a lot of little old ladies formed a club in which they wear that.

A good example of not understanding the poem, which was about a mild sort
of nonconformism, mixing those two colors.  So what do they do?  All wear
the same thing, totally violating the spirit of the poem.

Now - what's this new red hat group?   bill w

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>  >>... Anton the two areas you outlined are trade protectionism, which  >
> doesn't really have a clear left/right split from what I can tell.
> >...The red hat brigade seem to think it has.
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> OK Anton I will take your word on that one.  I am not up to speed on what
> the red hat crowd is doing.
> Regarding not knowing what the red hat crowd is doing: that is one of the
> most worrisome aspects of Twitter's actions with the account suspensions.
> We recently learned that hitting the mute button on Zoom does not turn off
> one's camera.  Now we realize that muting a group turns off theirs in a
> sense:  If one has no voice on a forum, there is no reason to leave ones
> ears or eyes there either.  We now don't know what the red hat crowd is
> doing or where they went.  I don't think they went away however.
> spike
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