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> >>... We have collectively missed Orwell's lesson.  Anyone here who has not
> read Nineteen Eighty Four, please stop what you are doing and read it.
> Understand what he is saying there.  It is a message for our times.
> >...Yes, I second that. To my shame, I only read it relatively recently,
> and
> immediately realised I should have done so long ago. It should be part of
> everyone's education (together with in-depth explanations and discussions
> of
> its meaning and relevance to the real world, on several levels), imo.
> --
> Ben Zaiboc
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> Ben thanks for that comment.  It warms the cockles of me heart.
> This message has special meaning for me, as I have friends who lived in
> Ukraine in the final days of communism.  They explain clearly why Americans
> seldom understand: we have always lived in a place were everything was
> money-limited rather than availability limited.  In America, if you have
> the
> money, you can buy whatever and as much of whatever you want.  In Ukraine
> during communism, people had money, but there wasn't the availability of
> western goods, which is what people really wanted.  The people in the party
> somehow managed to get access to these items, even without a large amount
> of
> money.  They just knew when and where the goods would be and could make
> arrangements to own those.
> Hearing a description of that system from a firsthand point of view was an
> eye-opener.
### Let me describe some of my own childhood memories - when I was about 10
years old, meat was scarce in Poland. It would be delivered to stores in
the morning. First the local communist party would show up at the back
door. Then the police would show up, also at the back door. Then doctors
might come by and quickly pick up some items from under the counter. The
butcher's family would eat whatever he carried out in his bag. Finally the
general population would get whatever was left over. Since my father was a
doctor and very popular with his patients, including the butcher, I did get
to eat meat often.

And I still do! This week so far I had beef, bison and incredibly delicious
BBQ ribs. There is some foie gras and an ostrich in the freezer.

Life is good.

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