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>> Epidemiology is part of medical science, the methods to contain epidemics
>> are not invented by politicians.
>>> -
> ### Epidemiologists are against lockdowns but politicians are willing to
> pay a lot to some epidemiologists to provide justifications for increasing
> their political power, and there are always clowns willing to lie.
> Rafal

Do I even need to YODA this? "Epidemiologists are against lockdowns”

To paraphrase: A quarantine, by any other name, helps keep the airborne droplets out of your smeller holes.

At least you recycle Rafal! Like this fragment from every global warming conspiracy theory ever; " but politicians are willing to pay a lot to some epidemiologists”, just cut  /climate scientists/ and you can adapt that to every cause you fight against.

I will close with some of your wise word to REFLECT on; “ ...there are always clowns willing to lie.”


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