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> Epidemiology is part of medical science, the methods to contain epidemics
> are not invented by politicians.
> -
> ### Epidemiologists are against lockdowns but politicians are willing to
> pay a lot to some epidemiologists to provide justifications for increasing
> their political power, and there are always clowns willing to lie.
> Rafal
> Do I even need to YODA this? "Epidemiologists are against lockdowns”
> To paraphrase: A quarantine, by any other name, helps keep the airborne
> droplets out of your smeller holes.

### At what cost, boy, at what cost?

Epidemiologists since forever pointed out that quarantines don't work once
there is widespread community spread of a highly infectious agent. This is
received wisdom, basic epidemiology and yet you behave as if I was saying
something outrageous.

As I told you, you need to read more, rant less.


> At least you recycle Rafal! Like this fragment from every global warming
> conspiracy theory ever; " but politicians are willing to pay a lot to some
> epidemiologists”, just cut  /climate scientists/ and you can adapt that to
> every cause you fight against.

### Well, as politics encroaches on more and more of our lives, so more and
more of the formerly scientific areas of inquiry are corrupted by it. First
they corrupted psychometrics, then climate science, now epidemiology. If
you read the primary literature in these subject areas, as I do, the
pattern would be obvious to you too.


> I will close with some of your wise word to REFLECT on; “ ...there are
> always clowns willing to lie.”
### Your meaning is unclear here. Would you mind explaining it to me?

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