[ExI] the science might be wrong

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> Right, so not knowing the answers in advance, seems like we have to err on
> the side of caution. We did that with covid, but we were slow to back off
> once it became clear that covid wasn't so bad.
> Stathis this question cannot be simplified.  After all this, we still
>> don’t know the answers to some very fundamental questions.
> Yea, but after we've digested this a few years, hopefully we'll be better
> prepared for the next pandemic.
### The psychopaths in charge of the country didn't back off because they
tasted more power and psychopaths never give up power. They'll use the next
pandemic, whether actually worse than Covid, or not, to tighten the screws
on us even more, now that Americans have shown themselves to be docile and
easily lead with cheap propaganda gimmicks.

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