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>…### The psychopaths in charge of the country didn't back off because they tasted more power and psychopaths never give up power. They'll use the next pandemic, whether actually worse than Covid, or not, to tighten the screws on us even more, now that Americans have shown themselves to be docile and easily lead with cheap propaganda gimmicks.   Rafal



Rafal thanks for being here man.  Having a front-line fighter with actual medical credentials is a great asset to the list.


What really surprised me about my own neighborhood is how many locals who believed that the governor has the legal authority to make proclamations that are law or equivalent to law.  Most of them believed that.


I have never worn a mask outdoors, for safety reasons: if one does not wear a mask, then the proles give one lots of space.  It works as a kind of people-repellant.  The greater distance between me and the other proles protect us all.  So I refuse to wear a mask outdoors for safety reasons.


But I get people regularly asking me if I am afraid of getting caught without it.  Caught by who?  Is there a law I am required to wear one? I ask.  Of course, plenty of them reply.  The governor said it.  I point out that the governor doesn’t make law.  He only signs law.  The state legislature makes law.  The state legislature didn’t.  So there is no law.


Upon hearing this, many of them remove the absurd garments and admit they thought it was a silly idea to start with.



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