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 After doing the Google tornado game, I am convinced proles should not buy storm insurance.


>…Or perhaps that storm insurance is overpriced?


Ja, I think it is.  Most of us have experienced some kind of extreme weather event at some point in our lives.  BillW’s bad hailstorm, I was in a hell of a flood on 15 August 1984.  But both of us lads have lived a long time.  We don’t really think about all those nice days where there was no weather event.  Our minds are drawn to that scary time.  This creates the illusion that weather is more dangerous than it really is.  Money to be made on that.


Damn there hasta be a way to cash in on that insight,


>…Such as by running an insurance company? 


Well ja, I was thinking in terms of betting with the house.  I suppose buying their stock would be the equivalent of that concept.  



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