[ExI] Can philosophers produce scientific knowledge?

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> Functionalism is a logical position, that IF the correct substitution
> could be made THEN redness would be preserved.

Despite the problems with this you continually ignore, even IF some correct
substitution could be made, you also seem to always insist that everyone
must accept that this IF condition will be true.  This is clearly simply a
prediction about nature, which experimentation could clearly falsify, the
counter prediction being that nobody will every be able to find any kind of
substrate independent function which could be substituted for an elemental
redness substrate out of which consciousness is composed and depends on.

And in response to this you always seem to reply that functionally it must
"logically" be possible, but this "logical" claim is also dependent on
what Steven Lehar refers to as the current "Neuron Doctrine" which assumes
neurons are:

"quasi-independent computational elements that communicate by electrical
signals propagated down axons and collaterals and transmitted to other
neurons through chemical synapses."

this is at 1:37 in where he also points out:
*"This Paradigm is Wrong!"*
and then he points out why.
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