[ExI] Can philosophers produce scientific knowledge?

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Sat May 8 01:54:47 UTC 2021

Hi Stathis,
I see no evidence that you are understanding the objections I am making to
your arguments, you just ignore them, or prove you don't understand them.
For example you do precisely this when you said.

On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 4:39 PM Stathis Papaioannou via extropy-chat <
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> I have always agreed that it is an empirical matter whether or not a
> correct substitution could be made, but the consequent is not an empirical
> matter.

Which is precisely what I predicted you would say in the previous post
(proving at best I failed to communicate this to you) with:

Brent Allsop Said in the prior post to this:
> And in response to this you always seem to reply that functionally it must
>> "logically" be possible,
then you completely ignored the rest (admittedly, probably my fault since I
left out the reference to the video (added again, in this version), till
the follow up):

> but this "logical" claim is also dependent on an assumption.  Steven Lehar
>> refers to this assumption (at 1:37 into his latest and greatest video
>> <http://slehar.com/wwwRel/HarmonicGestalt.mp4>) as the "Current Neuron
>> Doctrine" which assumes neurons are:
>> "quasi-independent computational elements that communicate by electrical
>> signals propagated down axons and collaterals and transmitted to other
>> neurons through chemical synapses."
>> this is at 1:37 in where he also points out:
>> *"This Paradigm is Wrong!"*
>> and then he points out why.
> There is no attached link, but Lehar believes in harmonic resonance
> theory. It doesn’t make any difference to the argument, which is that IF
> the function could be replicated (using some exotic fluid that supports the
> standing waves, or whatever) THEN the consciousness would also be
> replicated.

Hopefully watching the video, and understanding his argument as to why
the "Current Neuron Doctrine", on which your logic depends, is wrong, will
help with this miss understanding?
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