[ExI] Can philosophers produce scientific knowledge?

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> The link takes me to the video, but then the video doesn’t play, perhaps
> because I am using a mobile device. Anyway, as I explained, the logical
> argument is independent of any particular physical theory. We could say
> that the brain works via magic from the god Zeus. If the behavior of the
> brain could be replicated via different magic from the god Apollo, then the
> associated consciousness would necessarily also be replicated. It isn’t
> possible to fix consciousness to a particular substrate, a particular
> physics or a particular process.

Yes http://slehar.com/wwwRel/HarmonicGestalt.mp4 is just an mp4 file, best
downloaded, then watched.

The entire substitution argument, and your logic, is most definitely
dependent on the assumption that the neurons being replaced, one at a time,
via the method described, are: "independent computational elements that
communicate by electrical signals propagated down axons and collaterals and
transmitted to other neurons through chemical synapses."  The "classic
neuron doctrine"

This is the simple definition of what abstract computers of today are
computational elements that communicate by electrical signals transmitted
down wires to other neurons through chemical synapses."  any such system
requires interpretation or transuding systems from any one representation,
to something different representing the downstream link, in order to
preserve the same abstract meaning, otherwise it wouldn't be "substrate
independent".  THAT is what the neuro substitution is working on, and it
can't work on anything different than that type of computation.  There is
nothing it is intrinsically like for any such abstracted away from physical
reality computational system, by design

The prediction is that consciousness computation is something completely
different.  It is "computationally bound elemental intrinsic qualities like
redness and greenness"  There must be something that has an intrinsic
redness quality (let's call whatever it is a red Lego block) and something
with a different greenness intrinsic quality (a green Lego block) and you
must be able to bind these together into some kind of computational
standing wave, representing information in a substrate quality dependent
way.  The system must be able to be consciously aware of when one of the
red Lego blocks changes to a green Lego block, in a way that it is
dependent on those particular qualities, otherwise it isn't functioning

By definition, it is simply a logic impossibility to do any kind of neuro
substitution on any such system, and your "logical" argument simply doesn't
apply, or at best isn't logically possible, by definition.

*"This Paradigm is Wrong!"*
                                    -- Steven Lehar
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