[ExI] Can philosophers produce scientific knowledge?

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Thank you Stathis,

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> The function is the package deal: when Brent walks through the world
> talking about red and green in the way he normally does, he experiences red
> and green.

I couldn't have provided a better example to prove my point.

The definition of qualia blind <https://qualia.canonizer.com/> is any
language that uses one word for all things red.  This statement
clearly fits that definition.
It is completely ambiguous, has thousands of different ways it could be
interpreted, and as far as quail are concerned, it conveys no
qualitative information, whatsoever.
At best it refers to my language that is not qualia blind, if you're trying
to claim that means your statement isn't qualia blind, but pleeeese...
give me something, anything, in your theory that definitively falsifies my
belief that your way of thinking about qualia, and all your claims and
assumptions are qualia blind.  All of it only uses one abstract word that
isn't red, for all things red.

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