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Tue May 11 16:02:18 UTC 2021

Before him (Wittgenstein), analytic philosophy was still in its optimistic
positivist phase. Analytic philosophers still really believed they could
find, for example, a theory of truth, be it correspondence or coherence or
whatever. Russell and Whitehead still thought that it would be possible to
reduce mathematics to logic and put an end to foundational work on that
front. And Wittgenstein himself thought that, with the Tractatus
Logico-Philosophicus, he had finally answered whatever philosophical
problems there were to be answered.

His later work — referred to as “Late Wittgenstein”, as if he were a
different person then — reverses all that. If you agree with the late
Wittgenstein, you assert that there simply are no philosophical problems.
It was all a waste of time and a confusion of language from the beginning.

I am beginning to like Wittgenstein.   bill w
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