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The concept of [CENSORED] is tricky and always has been.  The terminology is going to be as tricky as the concept…  Being an engineer and math guy, I like things that are stone cold objective… spike



>…It appears that almost all discussions of that word reduce to unproductive attempts to more precisely define that word… Adrian



OK cool, I have an idea.


Adrian I completely get your take on the censored term, and must agree in a sense.  If one checks the archives, one will find an absence of the old spikemeister in all discussions of the matter.  I am not qualiafied (heeeeheheh) to comment on the matter.  


When I see the censored term I immediately conclude I will not understand the discussion (and I am right on that prejudice) but perhaps if we find a way to objectivize what has always been subjective, we engineer/math guys have a fleeting chance at insight.


Do let me try a thought experiment please.


Imagine a shared computer account with a single password but several people briefed and authorized for entry.  Let us set that imaginary password to




for the sake of argument, so when anyone is on that Admin account, we know that the person entered AdminSzmW6 do we not?


No we do not, for the person could have entered




or perhaps 




and either of those would work as well.  Following that logic, there are infinitely many keystroke series that can unlock that account.  By the initial assumption there is only one password, we oversimplify the model in such a way we have set infinity to a value of 1.


Cool aside: there are infinitely many keystroke series that will unlock the account, but an infinitely bigger infinity keystroke series which will not.  The latter infinite series is infinitely larger than the former infinite series, such that random guessing at the password results in an infinitesimal probability of accidental discovery.  So in that case, infinity over infinity approaches zero.  Ain’t math fun?


But I digress.


Perhaps none of that has anything to do with the censored word, but if so, I am tempted (and flatly refuse) to introduce a new term (as you already know I generally have the ability and eagerness to do) which would express the notion that there are infinitely many combinations of sensory signals and neural networks, all different from each other, which would result in a prole seeing red.


Hey cool, were we to form a breakout group dedicated to discussing the censored term, that would be a great name: @proles_seeing_red.



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