[ExI] Optical illusion tricks you into seeing different colors

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> Perhaps none of that has anything to do with the censored word, but if so,
> I am tempted (and flatly refuse) to introduce a new term (as you already
> know I generally have the ability and eagerness to do) which would express
> the notion that there are infinitely many combinations of sensory signals
> and neural networks, all different from each other, which would result in a
> prole seeing red.

Indeed, "the experience of seeing red" and "the precise neural pathways
that result in the experience of seeing red" are distinct.

As I recall, the proposed experiment was to have Neuralink (or, I
suggested, some research university) stimulate certain neurons in the brain
and for the subject to report on their experience, so as to measure if
certain neurons mapped to certain experiences such as redness (the
experience of seeing red).
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