[ExI] Optical illusion tricks you into seeing different colors

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Thu May 20 17:25:01 UTC 2021

On 20/05/2021 14:26, Adrian Tymes wrote:
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>     If you see 'red' when it's not red in reality, does this mean that
>     the red qualia is just an artefact created by the brain?
> Possibly


I disagree. Not 'possibly', absolutely!

The red quale (along with all other qualia) /has/ to be created by the 
brain, what else could it be? A quale can't exist all by itself, any 
more than a binary digit can.

I'd also take issue with the phrase "just an artefact created by the 
brain". 'Just'? That word implies some kind of inferior status, whereas 
the artefacts created by our brains are some of the (if not THE) most 
complex and high-level things that exist in this universe. Don't 
denigrate them. They are the pinnacle of existence. So far, anyway.

Ben Zaiboc

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