[ExI] Optical illusion tricks you into seeing different colors

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> The red quale (along with all other qualia) /has/ to be created by the
> brain, what else could it be? A quale can't exist all by itself, any more
> than a binary digit can.

I wasn't sure how to insert binary into this conversation,  so thanks for
that :)

I can't even see 'red' the way colornormative folks do, so imagine instead
a five-quale.  From what I've seen of this conversation there is some
inherent fiveness that all fivey things have... which interested me in how
101 is fivey as much as 5 is fivey and so is the bit pattern for the ascii
character 53 (dec) and 35 (hex)  - interesting transposition confusion
here: 53 (hex) is representative of S which looks so similar to 53 (dec) of
5 that I propose this example as an alternate use-case for how this
conversation has to re-check grounding in details. :)

Anyway, if on-off-on (101) represents fiveness in binary counting, and is
mapped to a corresponding 110101 encoding of 53 (dec)... is there something
about sequences ending with 101 that suggests fiveness?  I feel like that's
pretty absurd. I also feel like identifying 'redness' physical nature is
similarly absurd, but don't have a better way to articulate it.
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