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>…Spike, is this a cryonics joke? ;  )





Hi John, no the link to cryonics never crossed my mind.  I expect that cryonics will eventually work, but it is a long ways off.  The recent qualia discussion has me deep-thinking it however, for I am pondering what it would be like to be an upload which can think but cannot really feel.  Perhaps we would get a situation where we came back in a sense but it would be as far from the original experience as a #1 value meal in the park vs a #1 value meal in the blender after 2 minutes on frappe: same stuff ends up in the stomach, but the experience is just different somehow.  


As you may know, I like mechanical things, cars, motorcycles and such, particularly quirky old ones.  I recently thought of one of the old suicide door Lincolns:



There is a local one for sale, a 65 model, and it even has the thirsty (but entertaining) 462 inch V8 whopper.  That would be fun to rumble around town in that.


I remember how to tweak carburetors and set ignition points, but I don’t necessarily want to do it, and don’t want to hire a feller to do it either.


I didn’t buy it.











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I am a fan of the pre-war Chrysler Windsor, so I did a Google search, found there was one available locally.


The ad said it was all original, ready for restoration:



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