[ExI] On Consciousness and perception

Henrik Ohrstrom henrik.ohrstrom at gmail.com
Sun May 23 08:57:59 UTC 2021


This guy is making more sense than most (of you and me too).
I have always found the qualia discussion featuring red/green qualia quit
uninteresting and after looking at this Ted talk again I think I start to
understand why it's uninteresting.
Red, green, barley or whoopie cushion only matter if it is relevant. The
rest of the time the brain compresses reality and store/use a generic
quality of colour as in: there is bound to be a colour but it's not
relevant and stored as a derived property.
IE my mother-in-law has hair. It probably has a colour. If necessary it is
brought up to scrutiny and the last stored value for colour is applied.
If she is present the colour value stored for her hair might be updated, or
not since I generally don't give a rat's arse about her hair.
Is her hair colour coded by one glutamate or something else? No. I don't
care about it and it is only a implied quality variable that's updated if
necessary and ignored the rest of time. It is not coded at all.
As is you lot. My qualia experience of you is in toto a very very
solipsistic experience. I might have run in to someone at extro3 but for
all relevant values you are figments of my imagination.
I am however more interested in you than I am in my in-laws hair so do feel
appreciated. I do care about interesting hallucinations :-b

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