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>…I dispute 'safe as a motorcycle'.  When I had one I noticed right away that cars would pull in front of me as if they did not see me  No 'as if' - they didn't.  They were looking for big vehicles.  I saw this numerous times in the short time I had the bike.  Aside:  can you drive a Jeep in California without any exhaust treatment?  bill w


Those have no exhaust treatment.  California cannot require you to modify your car, nor can it make a street legal car non-street legal retroactively.


By safe as a motorcycle, I meant there is very little crash protection.  The old Willys MBs don’t even have doors really.  You can get a canvas top with those… I don’t even know what to call them exactly… door-like appendages which are soft, no glass.  The old jeeps are buyer beware.


On the other hand, jeeps are noisy, so that might help warn drivers of your presence.














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>…Oh, I just found a Youtube video hosted by a lovely young woman with prodigious cleavage who does a tutorial! Lol  


Taunting us he is.  He makes that lead in, then refuses to offer the URL!


Oh wait, retract, I already know how to drive a stick shift.  I was nearly 40 before I ever owned a car with automatic.  I would still like to view the buxom stick rider.


Hey what a concept!  Drivers’ Education taught by bikini beauties!  John you are onto an idea with huge moneymaking potential.


>>…STILL some of those 75 year old Willys MBs rolling around with olive drab paint and the white star on the >hood….


>…Wow! They were truly built to last. What an anachronism in our age of planned obsolescence...  John  :  )



Not so much built to last, but rather built to survive and built to be repaired.  If you go to a car show where you can see one, ask to gawk under the hood.  Notice how simple it is.  Private Leonard Lawrence could rebuild one.  All metal (a few with wood parts in places but no plastic) generous tolerances on the bolt holes, relatively few welds, sturdy frames, suspension dampers are a maybe.  


People who own them realize that everything doesn’t break at the same time.  You can have a minor simple repair every coupla years or less, and have it go seven decades.


If you put it in a car show, you don’t even need to wash it: judges like authenticity.


I would agree with your friend in that they are not traffic friendly: drum brakes and power nothing.  You steer it with your muscles.  They are not as safe as a motorcycle: no side protection.  You crash, you die.  So don’t crash.





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