[ExI] Humans will go crazy in space travel

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Mon May 31 00:46:15 UTC 2021

It's not enclosure that is unbearable, it's a lack of freedom. A monk and a prisoner live in the same size cell, with an experience that is worlds apart.

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> No, going to space, before we solve these kinds of problems, including redesigning the body so it doesn't need space suites, can be backed up and so on,  is just bass ackwards,
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> Slate have an article up about how humans will find it very difficult to
> cope with space travel and living on other planets or asteroids.
> <https://slate.com/technology/2021/05/spacex-starship-space-travel-paradox.html <https://slate.com/technology/2021/05/spacex-starship-space-travel-paradox.html>>
> The Spacefaring Paradox
> Deep-space human travel is a lose-lose proposition.
> By Christopher Schaber      May 25, 2021
> Quotes:
> If there’s one collective lesson gleaned from the COVID pandemic so
> far, it may be the shared difficulty of being isolated in one’s own
> home—whether alone or with family members or roommates.
> When space closes in, humans tend not to thrive. It can drive us to
> the brink of craziness.
> ----
> If the dream of space travel involves new horizons and feelings of
> unbound freedom—to explore, to discover, to spread humanity—a
> nightmare lurks just around the corner of consciousness. There will be
> no real “arrival” on this fantasy trip: It’s enclosures and
> pressurized chambers all the way down. When it comes to human space
> travel, the destination really is the journey. And the journey will be
> long, and claustrophobic.
> -------------------
> I think I mostly agree. Humans are designed for the wide-open spaces
> of Earth. Space is interesting to visit for a while, but I wouldn't
> much want a life spent in a tin can.
> I vote to send the robots instead.
> BillK
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