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Hello, all,

I consider the contributors to this list a treasured resource, and I'm hoping to consult your collective wisdom. I recall metformin's being discussed on this list, but my mail program has practically no search functionality. I apologize if, as seems likely, I'm asking something already covered.

I'm reading David Sinclair's _Lifespan: Why We Age—And Why We Don't Have To_, which has only strengthened my resolve to investigate metformin for longevity. Would anyone comfortable doing so kindly share ideas (on- or offlist) for getting metformin as a nondiabetic? My HMO doctor would never prescribe it to me—like many, he would not consider aging a disease but rather the inevitable result of entropy. I've found several outfits online through which I could supposedly get a prescription, but I'm unsure of their credibility. Several have less-than-stellar ratings from LegitScript (though for all I know, even LegitScript isn't legit). I would be delighted to use the same approach as one of you. I'm also curious about dosage and whether regular or extended-release metformin is more appropriate, though I figure the screening process by any reputable prescriber would take those factors into account.

Great thanks in advance—

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