[Exi-east] Gathering

David Lubkin exi-east at unreasonable.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:40 UTC 2003

Weaving a solid plan from the posted strands, I announce --


- an extropian-oriented gathering, akin to Sasha's of old, or my summer party
- We'll order Chinese food at some point.


- my house
- in Nashua, New Hampshire
- roughly 20 minutes north of Rt. 128 (if you drive fast)


- on Saturday, Dec. 27
- beginning at 2 PM
- ending when the last person not me leaves, voluntarily or otherwise


- anyone on this list is specifically invited.  The following have stated 
an interest so far and are presumed attending --

Eirikur Hallgrimsson
Simon Levy
Mike Lorrey
David Lubkin
Rob Rogoyski
Ray Solomonoff
Steve Witham

- If you have someone else in mind, run it by me.  It will probably be okay.
- Additionally, I will invite a few friends-of-extropy, such as sf writer, 
nano, LP, MIT, Alcor types.


- food, drink
- musical instruments
- interesting stuff to show people

To do:

Email the list to RSVP.
Email me for directions, saying what you'll be bringing, seeking to crash 
here after the party.

-- David.

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