[extropy-chat] Read All About It

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Tue Jul 13 03:06:17 UTC 2004

--- Emlyn <emlynoregan at gmail.com> wrote:
> What I *want* is a HUD that somehow just works
> without me wearing much
> in the way of gear (a pair of glasses might be ok).
> I want text to
> just float out there, invisible to everyone else. No
> holding a book,
> that's too much like hard work.
> I guess I'd need an input device of some kind; maybe
> little finger
> thimbles that let you point & click, somehow sensing
> where your
> fingers are in relation to the virtual display?
> Yeah!

How about a small touchpad on the side of the
glasses?  Big enough to sense up/down/left/right and
"hard" (finger pressing so much it covers most of the
pad), which could be a click.  (Though you'd want a
little latency, so you can go from nothing to click
without acting on the up/down/left/right you'd pass

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