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Fri Nov 11 03:31:03 UTC 2005

On Nov 9, 2005, at 11:15 PM, The Avantguardian wrote:

> --- Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at> wrote:
>> I think that if it were considered to be an
>> imminently realizable
>> threat (or promise), dead-cheap molecular
>> manufacture for the
>> masses would be opposed by empowered minorities as
>> though
>> their existing privileges, their future economic
>> aspirations and
>> even their lives depended on it.
> I think history and contemporary third world culture
> definitely corraborates your assessment. There are in
> nearly all cultures past and present, those who would
> cling so tenaciously to power (even of the most
> mediocre sort) through undermining the power of their
> neighbors. Thus they view political power as
> minimazation of every one elses utility function
> rather than maximumization of their own.

If we so structure our governments (or lack thereof) to sufficiently  
restrain what "political power" can accomplish then we will be free  
of many such ills.  Remember that "political power" is using physical  
force or the threat of physical force to compel obedience regardless  
of the choices and interests of the compelled parties.

>> Unfortunately (I should say in my opinion here I
>> guess) molecular
>> manufacturing is a *double* pipe dream.
>> If it were technologically possible it would be
>> politically
>> impossible.

Then change your politics or go around the system by disseminating  
the technology so widely that it could not effectively be controlled.

>> Contemporary humans would "Fermi
>> paradox"
>> themselves.  Most contemporary humans (Muslims and
>> Christians)
>> still purport to believe and act as though this life
>> is some sort of
>> rehearsal for a supernatural next one.  Whilst that
>> is so,
>> molecular nanotech would be directed towards weapons
>> construction.


> So very tragic it is that these people believe they
> are rehearsing, not realizing that they are playing
> improv to a packed house for a limited engagement.
> Perhaps someday, we may be able to oblige these people
> out of pity, by programming virtual heaven, hell, and
> paradise and uploading them into their appropriate
> after-life based on the reviews they recieve from
> their critics in the audience.

In the meantime many of these people have equal votes to you or I as  
to how to use the huge power of the state to force the wills of  
everyone and impoverish us all quite possibly leading to our and our  
species destruction.   I am all for tolerance of willing imbecility.   
But don't give the imbeciles a loaded and utterly unchecked State to  
play around with.

- samantha

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