[extropy-chat] Nanoassembly Blueprints using Atomic Resolution MRI

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On 4/4/07, A B <austriaaugust at yahoo.com> wrote:

> At this point, all ideas will be helpful. Being a non-genius myself, I
> don't really know how much I could usefully contribute, except in the form
> of donations to SIAI and the like.

Not being quite so pessimistic as Keith, the chapter I'm writing for
Damien's forthcoming collection will I think include physical humans 100
years from now (within an MBrain developed solar system).

There may be multiple "perfect futures" [1].  I believe one requires a fast
uplift of the physical condition of the majority of humanity.  That in turn
requires a rapid distribution of open source nanotechnology.  If everyone
*knows* in advance of the development of the first nanoassemblers that they
will be able to share in the benefits of that there is less likely to be an
"arms race" or a fight over the spoils, etc.

Nanorex will be releasing its nanoengineer software sometime later this
year.  Supporting the concept of a few prizes that would allow Nano at Home to
develop in a robust fashion is an alternative to SIAI.  There are thousands
of people aware of nanotechnology in India but they don't know how to
approach it.  Combine cheap computers + software + a project framework +
prizes and you have recipe for producing hundreds of nanoengineers and
thousands of open source nanopart designs.

For those who are not familiar with my perspectives regarding nanotechnology
development I believe that a "dual" path is possible -- an open source,
public path which gives everyone "volkswagons" and a closed source, VC
financed, business path which gives those who really want them "mercedes".
The difference between volkswagons and mercedes tends to be relatively
subjective as both tend to get one from point A to point B.  Unlike historic
development paths where one generally got the expensive cars before the
cheap cars, if one has the designs in hand both may come out of the factory
at the same time.


1. Unlike Trance Gemini, my mind yields several, though at least for now we
don't have the Magog to face.
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