[extropy-chat] Nanoengineered terrestrial solar vs.nanoengineered space solar power

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Sat Apr 7 14:52:03 UTC 2007

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> Will photovoltaics degrade in-orbit...

Yes, but the old fashioned gallium arsenide cells are remarkably durable.

>... and by what mechanism? Radiation?

Yes.  Over time the output gradually decreases from impacts from high energy
particles.  Occasionally you get a cell shorted out from an extremely high
energy cosmic ray that causes an SEGR or single event gate rupture.  A
particle whacks a cell hard enough to cause an ionized path across the NP

> Corrosion?...

Not exactly corrosion as we think of it down here, oxidation.  Metals can
migrate but I wouldn't call that corrosion.

> Impact?

If you meant micrometeoroid, there are so sparse they aren't a major factor.


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