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Mon Apr 23 12:20:14 UTC 2007



> Sure, I've been an atheist since birth, but there are a lot of people who
> believe in God and Satan, especially in America, and I'd be interested in
> hearing their views on transhumanism should any be reading this.

You cannot be an "athiest since birth" since at birth you were incapable of
having or holding beliefs.  Ones brain could not frame or hold onto such
concepts.  So I will assume you are speaking allgorically.

There are a lot of people who believe in a lot of things and I am not the
best person to comment on society dictated belief vectors (since I rejected
many of them very early in my development) .  I would be interested in
comments by "indoctrinated" individuals who simply said  "this does not make

We have before us a possible intersection -- Individuals such as Eugen or
Rafal who may have been brought up in societies with no predispositions
compared with individuals such as myself or spike who had very directed
dispositions.  And then one adds on top of this people like Anders or Nick
whose predelictions go off in god knows what directions...

Test.  Propose a vector that you have viewed as having been "worthy."
My absolute criteria is "How many lives saved".
Caveat: Saving lives may be less interesting than saving specific lives.

For example, and you can rake me over the coals for this argument if in the
course of the discussion one  minds the topic of whether such as Anders or
Eugens minds should be  preserved forever.

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