[extropy-chat] Putting God to Rest

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Tue Apr 24 04:00:56 UTC 2007

--- Brent Allsop <brent.allsop at comcast.net> wrote:
> Anna, I really appreciated your comments! 

Thank you.

>I’m a member of the Mormon Transhumanist Association.
>(http://transfigurism.org) All of them  (except for
>me) definitely believe in God. (I just believe in
>their great culture, and that humans can become God.
>And there was some trepidation about letting me, a
>devout Atheist in. ;)

Well good for you!  I don't promote any religious
Transhumanist Association within the Mormon Religion
but i'm happy to see that someone within the Mormon
field feels a connection to the Transhumanist

>I wanted to use the word “Extropy” more in the
>organization and such but I discovered that they
>don’t like that term, primarily because they 
>think all “Extropians” are atheists. They much prefer
>Transhumanist which they all definitely are – as much
>as they are Mormon.

I think you need to look up the word "Extropy" to
figure out what it means, I'm sure Samantha can give
you the information:)

>No!  It is the opposite of wishful thinking isn't
>it?  This is just what the theist want you to say, in
>their completely twisted and lying way. Never give
>them this!  If there is truly already a God that is
>so impotent against overcoming evil, and just hides
>from it all, then we must be condemned to the same
>eternal impotent damnable full of evil and isolation
>hell even if we become as powerful!  I hope to soon
>be much more than such an impotent God in hell is is
>the God described in the Bible. Atheists are the ones
>with truly "wishful thinking" and true faith and 
>hope aren't they!?  We believe evil isn't all that
>hard to overcome, and we are the only ones that can
>hope that we will soon have the power to completely
>overcome much of it right?  It also just so happens
>that our beliefs are much more than "wishful
>thinking" and futile faith or hope right?

See! Funny in the head! I don't understand it!

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