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Sondre Bjellås sondre.bjellas at intellifield.no
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What you are describing is the by-effect of criminalizing drugs. You saw the same thing in New York back in the days when regular spirit/booze was illegal and how the mafia built up around the illegal import and distribution. Today, they use drugs to finance their operations.


The same thing happens today with drugs as booze before it. Reasonable, stable, adult people should be in control of their own life. If they want to use drugs, they should be allowed to do so on their own acting.


Just as the sex industry, which was one of the first jobs in modern human society, the drug (use) abuse might never disappear. If you illegalize the sex industry, which is a move that the government in Norway is close to do (they have done it in Sweden recently), people won't stop having (buying) sex. Instead, things will be more hidden and secret, and the girls will have worsened situations and more abuse.


When I was in Barcelona last year, the image I was left with from that trip is: pimps, hookers, drug addicts and thieves. I don't want any of those in my streets or my neighborhood. When it's illegal, it will stay on the streets.


Make it legal and it's easier to control it and keep things civilized. We'll even get taxes, which can be used to help victims of addictions (drugs, sex, computers..)


It's not a fairly land and things are different between countries.


Germany has a more relaxed view on prostitution (is it legal by law?), and they have little (compared to others) problems with that industry. Violence on the other hand, is heavily censored in Germany. +Sex, -Violence


The USA on the other hand, have no problem showing the most gruesome violence on TV, but if there is a nipple or a tit on TV...oh boy! -Sex, +Violence


Norway is similar to the US but more liberal, we don't censor as much as the US and Germany, but you won't see anything other than softporn on the TV. Harcore porno is completely censored, even though they air it on Scandinavian networks (it's viewable in Denmark/Sweden). -Sex, +Violence


Netherlands, primarily Amsterdam, have a very liberal view on the soft-drugs and they tolerate marihuana in certain coffee shops and prostitutes are on display in the Redlight District. +Drugs, +Sex



I don't want my children to be introduced to either drugs or sex in the way our societies works today. It's dangerous and people get killed. If my kids truly wants to try drugs, I'll allow them when I think they are old enough to take that decision on their own. But as I said, the way things are when it's illegal, is dangerous.


(If you think marihuana should continue to be illegal, then we should illegalize alcohol straight away as it kills many more people every year. And smoking should be illegal of course. And coffee should be illegal, do we need to illegalize tee that contains caffeine? Sugar (The White Satan) and McDonalds should in any case be illegal)


Restrictions of any kind that diminishes the freedom of the individual is negative and should be avoided.




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On 4/21/07, BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote:

The whole thrust of this thread is that we are not talking about some
theoretical fairyland where drug dealers might be thought of as
misunderstood, victimised entrepreneurs.
(I'd like to live there as well, sounds really cool). 

In the real world, drug dealers are amoral armed gangs who kill people
to defend their territory and their business of destroying the lives
of their 'customers', who in turn are engaged in constant minor 
criminal activities to finance their addiction.

Let me know how you feel about this after the ruthless drug gangs move
in to your street, near your family, and you get burgled or mugged
once a month by druggies. 

That's all because it's illegal. You don't have fruit sellers shooting each other and fruit buyers ending up homeless or mugging people so that they can get their fix.

Stathis Papaioannou 



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