[ExI] Where is Consciousness located?

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Sat Dec 22 17:58:46 UTC 2007

Brent Allsop Wrote:

> I also very much disagree with the idea that consciousness
> is only a  process or only behavior

So you have absolutely no reason to think any of your fellow human beings
are unconscious when they sleep, or even when they die for that matter;
their behavior changes and some rather odoriferous processes begin, but
according to you that means nothing. In fact you have absolutely positively
no reason to think you are not the only conscious being in the universe.

Also you can not believe in Darwin's theory of Evolution because although
it could create intelligence that theory could never explain how a conscious
being like you came into existence.

> or not located anywhere.

So you belong to the camp of: Although my brain is in Paris and is looking
at a football game from Detroit and is listening    to a friend in Australia
and is thinking about The Great Wall of China, REALLY my consciousness is
located inside a box made of bone. I would maintain this is yet another
example of an idea so bad it's not even wrong because the word "really"
in the above has no meaning, it's just a noise.

> the hard problem of consciousness.

The reason it's so hard is that the "problem" can not even be stated
much less the answer.

 John K Clark

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